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Pratic Spa was founded in 1960 in Fagagna (Udine) and it is an international leading company in the design of bioclimatic pergolas and refined awnings. Led by Orioli family – today by the brothers Edi and Dino – the company has revolutionized the concept of solar shading, thus bringing the Italian design into those structures that in the past were just used as a shelter from the sun.

Today, Pratic success can be seen in ambitious outdoor projects for residential and hospitality sectors. Its solutions enhance any type of outdoor space, which can be used all year round.

Pratic employs 230 people, who work in its headquarters located in the Friulian hills: 20 thousand square meters of pure design and environmental sustainability.

One of Pratic’s distinctive features is undoubtedly its ability to meaningfully engage with the principles of architecture.

Our mission

Pratic’s skilled staff is in constant contact with architects and designers, providing prompt information, technical advice, general catalogues and product monographs.

Similarly, the company’s technical experts can give valuable input, identifying all the features and adjustments necessary for production excellence, in terms both of the final result and rationalisation of costs.

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