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Marmi vrech

Founded in 1961 by Giocondo Vrech, in 2008 Marmi Vrech underwent an important generational change from father to sons, Alessandro and Riccardo. Marmi Vrech works with dedication, skill and experience to get the most out of marble and other natural stones. Our team of highly skilled designers and stone masons soon established the company as market leader in providing beautiful interiors for luxury cruise liners.

Combining artisan skill with state of the art technology, the company has quickly expanded into other sectors. Today, our stunning marble and granite interiors can be found in luxury
hotels, spas, stores, office buildings and private homes around the world.

With almost 60 years’ experience in creating beautifully-designed stone interiors, we have learnt what matters most.

Our mission

Our daily challenge is to create and give life to an idea, a design, a project. Taking on this challenge with a vocation for high quality and an approach based on a continuous search for excellence requires tremendous commitment and services that are capable of ensuring integration between design, procurement, production and execution.

Experience, organisation, creativity and punctuality are the strengths with which we approach every project, anywhere in the world, be it a cruise ship or a large luxury hotel, always with the same methodological rigour in terms of design and the flexibility required in the implementation stage, with complete respect for delivery times.