Pratic brings the Italia for Contract network to a workshop for architects

Pratic brings the network Italia For Contract to an architects' Workshop

Pratic was one of the speakers during an interesting workshop for architects that was held online on the April 28th.

The workshop has been an important occasion of training for architects and it was part of a wide range of proposals among the catalogue of Action Group, the society who offers online and in presence training, and events for architects, professionals in the furniture and construction sectors. 


Pratic has represented the Italia for Contract group that is made up of 4 companies of the furniture sector: Crassevig, Molaro, Marmi Vrech and, of course, Pratic itself.

During the workshop, Pratic has introduced to the audience of architects the “Italia for Contract network” explaining the competences of the group and its ability to develop turnkey projects from the idea to the final product in different sectors from hotels to residentials, offices, museums etc. So the workshop has been an important occasion for the network to develop new businesses because all the architects are potential partners that could introduce the network to new prospects and customers.