Metamorfosi project

“Metamorphosis” is a territorial marketing project where the four companies in the network start from the same premise: the difficulty in bringing the main steakholders – architects and designers – to get to know their production realities in order to let them experience their skills and abilities first hand. 

Since the peripheral location of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region does not always make this ‘passage’ easy, it was decided to enhance two further areas of excellence in the territory: the historical-cultural one and the culinary one.

 The intention was to offer Italia for Contract’s target customers an all-round experience, obviously first of all linked to getting to know the companies and then to cultural entertainment with a professional guide who would accompany visitors to discover some of the founding cities such as Aquileia, Palmanova, Gorizia and Torviscosa, rediscovering their history and architecture, and then concluding with a tasting of the excellence of our land.