Founded in 1962 by Giocondo Vrech, Marmi Vrech works with dedication, skill and experience to get the most out of marble and other natural stones. Our team of highly skilled designers and stone masons soon established the company as market leader in providing beautiful interiors for luxury cruise liners. Combining artisan skill with state of the art technology, the company has quickly expanded into other sectors. Today, our stunning marble and granite interiors can be found in luxury hotels, spas, stores, office buildings and private homes around the world.

Reliability and experience
Every commission is assigned a project manager who works closely with the client and the technical team to ensure that each phase of the project is completed to the client’s full satisfaction.

Speed and punctuality
We offer fast initial quotes and project commencement as well as guaranteed delivery and installation times.

Planning and organization
Each project phase is carefully planned to offer a complete service to our clients: from initial feasibility studies, selection of materials, installation and after-sales support.

Problem-solving and creativity
Careful planning right from the start and close collaboration with our clients means that our team of specialists are able to prevent technical issues from arising or guarantee their quick resolution.


Via Degli Onez, 42
33052 Cervignano Del Friuli (UD) – Italy 
T. +39 0431 32885
F. +39 0431 32348


March 10, 2017