KENIUS  – Concrete Genius is a concrete workshop working hard to achieve an ambitious goal: amaze the building community by creating new opportunities for all types of projects, from engineering to design solutions. The starting point is the quality of materials, rising for their aestethic and functional skills.

From this base, KENIUS develops solutions meant to add something special even to the most modern and challenging architectural projects. An example? i.light®, the transparent cement that provides architects and designers a new language capable of broadening unexpected and fascinating horizons to be explored in complete safety – thanks to the consulting services and the deep studies standing behind each KENIUS solution.

With KENIUS concrete turns into genius. With i.light® transparent cement KENIUS makes the promise of a humanistic approach to the management of architectural spaces real. Transparency between people creates the strongest bonds. In the same way an i.light® partition defines spaces without separating them, but rather creating new channels of communication between them. i.light®, indeed, is a totally innovative solution that combines the strength and the texture of concrete with the brightness and the transparency of glass inserts.
The architect is given the possibility to make spaces and volumes interact by playing with shapes, materials and the light evolution through the day, obtaining an ambience which is evolving over and over again.


Via Pramollo, 6
33040 Povoletto (UD) – Italy
T. +39 0432 634411
F. +39 0432 634413


November 28, 2015