“Oikos” is a noun of Greek origin meaning “house” and it recalls the natural habitat of the company’s products, which in 2015 celebrated the 25th anniversary of its establishment. Oikos Venezia designs, manufactures and tests custom-made safety doors meeting high quality standards, at its headquarters in Gruaro, 50 km far from Venice.

The whole production is certified: anti burglar (Class 3 and 4), acoustic and thermal isolation, water, air and wind protection. Any production phase is carried on inside the company plants to obtain unique products, interally Made in Italy with a refined design. Oikos aims to provide architects and interior designers with a wide range of esthetical and technical solutions. Its international exposure is demonstrated by its presence in all the principal european markets as well as Asia, Africa and North America.


Via della Tecnica, 6
30020 Gruaro (VE) – Italy
T. +39 0421 7671
F. +39 0421 767222


Founded in 1962 by Giocondo Vrech, Marmi Vrech works with dedication, skill and experience to get the most out of marble and other natural stones. Our team of highly skilled designers and stone masons soon established the company as market leader in providing beautiful interiors for luxury cruise liners. Combining artisan skill with state of the art technology, the company has quickly expanded into other sectors. Today, our stunning marble and granite interiors can be found in luxury hotels, spas, stores, office buildings and private homes around the world.

Reliability and experience
Every commission is assigned a project manager who works closely with the client and the technical team to ensure that each phase of the project is completed to the client’s full satisfaction.

Speed and punctuality
We offer fast initial quotes and project commencement as well as guaranteed delivery and installation times.

Planning and organization
Each project phase is carefully planned to offer a complete service to our clients: from initial feasibility studies, selection of materials, installation and after-sales support.

Problem-solving and creativity
Careful planning right from the start and close collaboration with our clients means that our team of specialists are able to prevent technical issues from arising or guarantee their quick resolution.


Via Degli Onez, 42
33052 Cervignano Del Friuli (UD) – Italy 
T. +39 0431 32885
F. +39 0431 32348


KENIUS  – Concrete Genius is a concrete workshop working hard to achieve an ambitious goal: amaze the building community by creating new opportunities for all types of projects, from engineering to design solutions. The starting point is the quality of materials, rising for their aestethic and functional skills.

From this base, KENIUS develops solutions meant to add something special even to the most modern and challenging architectural projects. An example? i.light®, the transparent cement that provides architects and designers a new language capable of broadening unexpected and fascinating horizons to be explored in complete safety – thanks to the consulting services and the deep studies standing behind each KENIUS solution.

With KENIUS concrete turns into genius. With i.light® transparent cement KENIUS makes the promise of a humanistic approach to the management of architectural spaces real. Transparency between people creates the strongest bonds. In the same way an i.light® partition defines spaces without separating them, but rather creating new channels of communication between them. i.light®, indeed, is a totally innovative solution that combines the strength and the texture of concrete with the brightness and the transparency of glass inserts.
The architect is given the possibility to make spaces and volumes interact by playing with shapes, materials and the light evolution through the day, obtaining an ambience which is evolving over and over again.


Via Pramollo, 6
33040 Povoletto (UD) – Italy
T. +39 0432 634411
F. +39 0432 634413


Molaro Windows and Doors was founded in 1953 and three generations have always run it with a precise goal: produce high-end windows and doors in wood, wood-aluminum, wood-bronze and steel that could satisfy the demand of an increasing category of customers who is looking for innovative technology, new design, quality and experience. Molaro offers a wide range of products collections that goes from the classical style to the most modern design with very thin sections and big glass surfaces, from the prestigious baroque lines to the squared contemporary profiles. Windows that can find their best expression whatever the style of the building is. All its products have been studied and projected keeping in mind the great importance of thermal and acoustic performances, in order to offer to the Client a perfect combination of comfort and energy saving. Molaro supplies its products all over Italy and in a lot of foreign countries and its offices are organized to speak with English, French and Russian partners offering all the technical and commercial support they need and a very qualified service for quotations.Molaro has qualified technicians teams that can go to the sites to study all the details with the Architect before the production or to install the finished products after delivery. All of this is made because of Molaro policy, that means to follow every step of the job ensuring the best final result and the complete satisfaction of the Customer.


Via dell’Artigianato, 9 
33017 Collalto di Tarcento (UD) – Italy
T. +39 0432 189111
F. +39 0432 189130


NEOD is a dynamic and innovative company that designs and manufactures exclusive products born from the passion and creative competence. Drawing on many years of experience and collaboration with major international brand names, NEOD’s in-house workshops develop and produce unique, multi-purpose products designed to maximize the use of space and to save energy while integrating technology seamlessly into beautiful interiors. The objective is to use technology as a resource to procude a feeling emotional, functional and evocative in new lifestyles. Mirrors creative, LED lighting and innovative products allow you to create surreal atmospheres and enchanted to make the live pleasant and interactive.


NEOD srl
Via M. Fremaut, 3
34070 Villesse (GO) – Italy
T. +39 0434 573548
F. +39 0434 510529


Bentwood has been Crassevig’s main form of creative expression for over 40 years. It is the distinctive feature that establishes the style of all of its products, tables and chairs for the contracting and residential markets. Crassevig was founded in the early 1960s. Substantial craftsmanship and an unorthodox entrepreneurial vision have made it into a creator of timeless products and style. It has an innate perspicacity when it comes to beauty and an innovative spirit that reaches out from Friuli and espouses the aesthetic rigour and design of Northern Europe. The story of the company is intertwined with that of the family that runs it, stretching back from the current generation in the shape of Francesco Crassevig to his father Luigi and his grandfather Alfieri. Luigi played the biggest part in implementing his vision for the company. Devotion to beauty, the need for everyday practicality and a quest for creativity and experimentation are all values that are permanently etched in the company’s past, its present and all of its creations.
Crassevig shows great respect for people and the environment in its design and manufacturing processes. It complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality management systems and the ISO 14001:2004 standard for environmental management systems. Wood is an important resource for Crassevig and it strives to preserve it responsibly. With this in mind, it has obtained FSC® certification to show that the materials that it uses in its products are from sustainably managed forests. Everyone who makes, buys and uses Crassevig products can benefit from this added value.


Via Remis, 25
33050 San Vito al Torre (UD) – Italy
T. +39 0432 932896
F. +39 0432 932897


Established in 1960, Pratic is now a land-mark in the design and production of sunshades, pergolas and outdoor structures. In half a century of history it has transformed the way we think of homes and outdoor spaces, revolutionising the idea of open air living with innovations,patents and total quality. Pratic introduces a concept of “made in Italy” with strong local roots, because all the company’s ideas and solutions originate in Fagagna, in the Pratic Concept laboratory of ideas, on the basis of the criteria of technology, innovation and excellence in materials.Criteria that are now combined with environmental sustainability, a goal pursued in the construction of the company’s new headquarters created with energy exclusively from renewable sources.The company now has 140 employees and operates under the direction of Dino and Edi Orioli.


Via A. Tonutti, 80-90
33034 Fagagna (UD) – Italy
T. +39 0432 638311
F. +39 0432 678022


Born from a reverential passion for leather, Frag is the culmination of a leatherworking journey that began in 1921 and continued in the years that followed with the production of the first leather items. In 1979 Sedilcuoio was founded as a company producing furniture components for third parties. The first range of products designed and produced directly by Frag was launched in 1989.

The company took advantage of the long family tradition of leatherworking and pushed its boundaries. The company has always enjoyed a close relationship with the local area, with constant and mutual interaction adding value to its products Frag manufactures contemporary design chairs, armchairs, tables and complements uphostered in leather. It offers a wide range of products and diverse collections available in different varieties of soft and thick leather that are always in stock.

Furthermore, due to its extraordinary expertise and technical knowledge, coupled with the flexibility in its manufacturing process, Frag can produce customised designs to meet the most challenging requirements. It can either personalise existing products from the catalogue or develop new products from scratch to a wide range of customer specifications. It also manufactures custom products for other furniture firms.

The company offers a refined attention to detail, the result of a manufacturing process that retains many traits of craftsmanship and hand-made production. Each product is both outlined and finished by hand.


FRAG srl
Via dei Boschi, 2
33040  Pradamano (UD)
T. +39 0432 671375
F. +39 0432 670930


Moroso was established in 1952. It was the brainchild of Agostino Moroso who, with his wife, Diana, founded the company with the objective of making sofas, armchairs and furnishing accessories. An artisanal approach to product manufacturing and extraordinary creativity in the designing stage formed the foundations of a vision which enabled the firm to grow and distinguish itself in the market for its product quality, innovation and creativity. In the Eighties, the second generation of the family launched an exhaustive programme of auteur design studies. Nearly sixty years after its founding, Moroso is positioned among the haute couture of international design, a leading company in upholstered-furniture manufacturing. Through the creative input of designers of the calibre of Ron Arad, Patricia Urquiola, Ross Lovegrove, Konstantin Grcic, Alfredo Häberli, Toshiyuki Kita, Marcel Wanders, Tokujin Yoshioka, Doshi & Levien, Tord Boontje, Nendo, Front and others, Moroso has over the years created a collection of iconic designs. All with an unmistakable Moroso style, yet each exuding the essence of different latitudes and cultures. Its international outlook has introduced Moroso to some of the most beautiful design settings in the world, including MoMA in New York, Le Palais de Tokyo and the Grand Palais in Paris, and the Venice Biennale. Significant partnerships which allowed Moroso to create a vast and varied product range equally suited to residential or contract use. Today Moroso has 140 employees, a turnover of €30m and exports to 64 countries.


Via Nazionale, 60
33010 Cavalicco (UD) – Italy
T. +39 0432 577111
F. +39 0432 570761